Honorary Life Members of ADIPS

At the ADIPS 2004 Annual Scientific Meeting, the inaugural Honorary Memberships of ADIPS were awarded. They were awarded to two long-standing stalwarts of the Society:-

DR F IAN R MARTIN (1929-2008)

Dr Ian Martin better known by his friends and colleagues as Skip was the Physician in Charge of the Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for 26 years and Physician in Charge of the Diabetes Clinic at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne for 18 years. Consequently Skip was the obvious person to ask to represent the Endocrinology interest when the original committee formed the Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Group in Melbourne in 1986. From these beginnings came ADIPS and Skip served as the inaugural President from 1987.

One of Skip’s major achievements during his term as President was to establish the ADIPS criteria for gestational diabetes which was no mean achievement when there was no consensus in Australia about the glucose load, the cut off levels or the methodology for the OGTT. 

Skip’s wise council, his extensive clinical expertise and his knowledge of the key components of the Diabetes organisational structures in Australia and New Zealand meant that ADIPS was built on solid foundations. Skip’s legacy is evident in the successful maturation of ADIPS. It is most appropriate that Dr Ian (Skip) Martin should be the first Honorary Member of ADIPS.


Dr Ken Mountain was the paediatrician to the Diabetes Clinic at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne for over 30 years until he finally hung up his paediatric stethoscope in 2004. During this time Ken played a key role in the improvement of outcomes for the offspring of women with diabetes.

Ken was the second member of the initial steering committee that formed the Australian DPSG from which came ADIPS. He was inaugural Treasurer and his careful fiscal control kept ADIPS in the black and helped ensure that the early meetings could attract international key note speakers.

Ken’s voice on Council and in the ADIPS scientific fora, made sure that the focus in the care of women with diabetes in pregnancy was kept on the objective of the baby been born in optimum condition.

Ken’s contribution to the establishment of ADIPS cannot be overestimated and again it is most fitting that he should be the other inaugural Honorary Member of ADIPS.

At the ADIPS 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting, Honorary Life Membership of ADIPS was awarded to one of the founders of the Society:-


Professor Jeremy Oats holds a number of national and international positions in the field of obstetrics, paediatrics and maternity services.

At the ADIPS 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting the follow three long serving members were awarded Honorary Life Membershiip to ADIPS.


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